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Harvard team wins runner-up prize at MIT Hacking Arts

A group of Harvard VR enthusiasts consisted of current students from Harvard Graduate School of Design (Qi Xiong, Jiabao Li, Jingchen Gao), Harvard Divinity School (Tim Gallati), and Harvard Business School (Luna Yuan) participated in the Hacking Arts 2016 at MIT Media Lab and won the first runner up. In less than 16 hours, they built a system that integrates virtual reality, tactile feedback, and music to teach Tai Chi. The system provides visual cues through a virtual reality environment so that a user knows how to move, and gets feedback on whether their move is correct. The system serves to illustrate the abstract concept of ‘Chi,’ or flow of energy, through interaction-based visual effects. It also provides tactile feedback to drive the user’s movements. For more information, see reports from TechCrunch and Boston Magazine. 


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