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March 4th Newsletter


GSD ARVR Club's Website is Now online!

The Graduate School of Design AR/VR Club is a student club at Harvard Graduate School of Design. They are also member of Harvard ARVR Alliance. Please check for their new website!


Presented by VR at MIT: Creating the Matrix in VR (VR@MIT)

Tuesday, March 7

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
MIT Stata Center, Room 32 - 141

If you haven't heard of Improbable, you're missing one of the most important VR companies in the world. There's a reason this London based company has raised $20M from Andreesen Horowitz and formed a groundbreaking partnership with Google. As described by Wired, Improbable technology will enable the recreation of the real world in VR. Improbable's tech could make the matrix a reality -

Come meet Co-Founder and CTO, Rob Whitehead, as he discusses the history of mass scale simulation and how Improbable is changing everything. Food will be provided. This lecture is open to the public. 

RSVP via Eventbrite is required for admission.
Facebook event page

Winning Work 101: Perspectives on the Business of Design(GSD ARVR club)

March 8th,
Gund Hall (GSD Building) Room 123

Event Description:
Drawing from the arsenals of both commercial and boutique design firms, a range of marketing techniques for architecture firms will be presented colorfully and boldly. Imagine you're starting your own design firm: you know you'll have to work hard to remain competitive and relevant. Thankfully, there are many tools at your disposal to position or re-position your firm for a given opportunity or for generally becoming known. Social media, video, web design, dramatic presentations, proposal responses, press, and awards will all be covered in a dynamic format. Given historical taboos around architects advertising, we will consider "public information" and "publicity" as well as modern concepts of branding and even personal branding. This event is co-hosted by Women in Design and the GSD AR/VR Club.

About the speaker:
Karen Euler has over 15 years of experience in marketing, communications, and business development for architecture, landscape architecture, and related firms in the Boston area. She gives trainings and lectures on social media and marketing management and participates in conversations about these topics online and offline with groups such as the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). She serves on the board of directors of a local nonprofit, Boston Explorers, and holds a BA in comparative literature from Dartmouth College and an MS in design from Philadelphia University.


PlayStation Magic Lab Intern

PlayStation Magic Lab is looking for two interns for this summer (and one in the fall and one in the spring). The members of Magic Lab are avid gamers who try to always put experience first in our research – think about an awesome new experience and then build/find the technology to achieve it.  Areas that we are exploring right now include virtual reality, AR & augmented VR, interface devices, creating more believable virtual characters/NPCs, bringing play out of the TV screen and into the real world by using autonomous robots, and wearable sensors.

They look for interns with strong technical skills in a somewhat relevant field with a passion for games who want to explore applications of novel technologies. They generally look for graduate students who can work under a bit less supervision, however they would consider exceptional undergraduate candidates.

Please apply online and send your resume to


Sony’s PlayStation VR Sold 915,000 Since October

Popularity of Sony’s PlayStation VR Surprises Even the Company. Their internal goal was to sell one million of the headsets in its first six months, by mid-April. However, In an interview at his Silicon Valley office on Friday, Mr. House revealed PlayStation VR’s sales for the first time, saying consumers had purchased 915,000 of the headsets as of Feb. 19, roughly four months after it went on sale.

Gear VR Will Have a Controller

if you had good experience with Oculus controllers, you will soon be able to enjoy similar accessary on Gear VR!

Oculus and Samsung are introducing a new portable controller for the new Gear VR headset. 
The physical controller, which was designed specifically for one-hand use and features a touchpad with a trigger, should definitely improve the overall Gear VR user experience.

ZeniMax Seeks to Block Facebook From Using Virtual Reality Code

Facebook's trouble with ZeniMax isn't over. After losing 500 million dollars in court, Facebook is now facing an request to stop using the code that John Carmack brought to Oculus, VR department of Facebook.

Apple already has 1000 engineers working on AR

Augmented reality (AR) will likely be Apple's next major product innovation. According to a research note from Business Insider, "the company may have over 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel that could be related to AR". It is expected that Apple could implement new AR products as early as in the next iPhone.

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